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Sun Filter Fabrics

Sunfilter shade cloth is the original, long-lasting fabric that offers unique and exciting solutions for commercial and domestic shading.

Sunfilter is used for covering indoor plants and shrub, nurseries, hydroponics, vegetables, fruits and flowers. Domestically ideal for patios, courtyards, privacy screens, dog kennels, gazebos, ferneries, caravans, BBQ areas, carports, aviaries and swimming pools. It can be used as wind sheltering for tennis court, shading for restaurants, resorts and surroundings for bowling greens.

Sunfilter ( VL)

Very light Sunfilter provides 30-35% shade. Available in green only. Used in nurseries and garden centres and light shade cover for outdoor cropping. (Weight 95gsm)

Sunfilter (L)

Light Sunfilter 50% shade is a knitted HDPE monofilament available in white, green and black. UV cover varies from 51% for white to 54% black. Home use; Pergolas / internal fencing / BBQ areas and shade canopy for flower growers. (Weight 177gsm)

Sunfilter (MED)

Medium Sunfilter 70% is a knitted HDPE monofilament fabric. available in white, green and black. UV cover approximately 67%. Usually used as shade canopy for nursery plants and for Pergolas / internal fencing / BBQ areas. Most widely used shade cloth.

Sunfilter (HVY)

Heavy Sunfilter 80% shade, is a Knitted HDPE monofilament fabric, available in green and black. UV covered approximately 79%. Generally used as heavy shade canopy for nursery and for industrial shade sails.

Our shade screens can be installed using UV stabilized RJ safety clips. They are specifically designed for securing windbreaks, silt fence, safety fence and shade cloth to wires or wrapping the fabric onto a cable or fence line. The large surface area ensures your material will not be damaged when pulled. 

It is widely available at our warehouse. The best simple solution for securing fabrics onto a wire or fence.



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