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Bucket Irrigation System

The gravity fed drip bucket irrigation system provided all the components necessary for a reliable garden irrigation system. The gravity fed-system generates enough pressure to send water from the ordinary bucket to drip into the soil for multiple rows of garden. It is simple and inexpensive irrigation system.   

Materials Needed:

  • A – 1 x 20L or 40L bucket
  • B – 1 x male tank fittings
  • C – 1 x 1M long main poly pipe 13mm
  • D – 1 x tape lock take off 13mm
  • E – 1 x 30M long 13mm drip tape
  • F – 1 x poly tee 13mm  

Step 1 

Drill hole at the bottom of the bucket (A).

The hole should fit the male tank fitting (B). 


Unscrew the tank fitting, insert it on the hole and securely tighten by hand.

Step 3 

Connect one end of the 1m long main poly pipe (C) to the tank fitting. 

Connect the other end to the take off (D).

Step 4 

Connect the other end of the take off to one end of the 30m long drip tape (E). 

Step 5 

Close the other end of the 30m long drip tape by using the end cap (F). 

Cut a piece of the drip tape about 3cm long from the end. Fold over the end of the tape (As shown) and insert it into the end cap to hold the bend together closing off the end of the tape. 

Step 6 

Elevate the bucket to a height 1.5m from the ground by suspending it on a crossbar or placing it on a stand.  

Step 7 

Lay the drip tape in the row to be irrigated. Make sure that the drip holes are facing upwards and the tape is laid on a flat ground (slope must never exceed 5%). 

Step 8

Use clean water to fill the bucket. Filter the water if necessary.




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