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Agphane Extreme Greenhouse Film

Agphane Greenhouse Film is a specially formulated polyethelene copolymer film of outstanding qualities.

As New Zealand and Australia are exposed to higher levels of ultra violet radiation and prone to sudden variations in temperature during the growing season.

The durability and heat retention properties of greenhouse polythenes used in the USA and many other countries are unacceptable to Australasian growing conditions.

Agphane Extreme is the most durable polyethelene greenhouse covering films.

Agphane Extreme Shade Film

Agphane Extreme Shade (White 30%)

Agphane greenhouse film has the same superb qualities as clear Agphane but combines white pigment, which inhibits approximately 30% of visible light. Excellent for propagation, house plants, over wintering of shrubs or any other form of growing which requires shade.


  • UV Stabilised for NZ conditions
  • Covers can be fabricated to suit the individual application
  • Ideal for greenhouses, animal shelters, croptoppers, calf shelters and native plants

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