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Golf Nettings

Golf Netting is a black knotted diamond mesh used for protection from golf balls.

Golf netting is used when golf ball need to be enclosed in a specified area. eg.

  • Boundary Fence
  • Driving Range
  • Golf Course
  • Personal Driving Bays. 

Golf netting is knitted from a UV stabilized polyethylene yarn. It is 3.5mm thick when finished. 

When used as a boundary fence it is attached to posts by lacing a wire through the golf net then tensioning and attaching to the posts or tensioning the wire and adding shackles to the golf net.

When installing golf net on a personal driving bay, the golf net is installed approximately 200mm from the frame so the ball does not ricochet back to the golfer.

Also an impact screen must be installed which is made from a rip stop canvas material. 

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