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Tennis Court Screens

Tennis court screens / tennis windscreens are windbreak panels used to minimize wind flow through the tennis court.

A secondary function of tennis windscreen is to provide some privacy between the court and an adjacent property, road, driveway or other feature desired to block from view.

  • This is installed on the perimeter fence of the tennis court and other sporting grounds.
  • The tennis court yard covers are fabricated from our sun filter fabric.

They are usually made from 50% material, but a different material can be used in special circumstances.

The panels are made to any size in out Silverdale factory. 

We can fabricate the tennis screen panels with a hem and draw cord or with web and eyelet. A hem and draw cord is a pocket with a length of twine sewn in.

This is tied to the end of a wire, pulled through and attached to the fence. With webbing are eyelets, there is an eyelet at 300mm centres to cable tie or wire tie to the frame of the fence. 

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